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The Texas Conference of Clubs does not allow firearms, pets* , non-prescription drugs or any illegal substance on the property.

*Campers are not allowed to bring their pets. Only members of TCC
may bring a pet if they have a Dog & Cat Permit.

Campers must be in relatively good health. This is not a “resort”. This is camping in a moderately developed wooded area of the Texas Hill Country. Only developed areas are accessible by wheelchair. For those with limited mobility, we recommend a travel companion. Travel companions for limited mobility campers are welcome to attend as volunteers.

The cutoff date for camp out applications is Sept 6th,2024. It makes it extremely difficult to plan meals and coordinate other aspects of the camp out if we do not have the applications prior to the cut off date. While we will honor last-minute applications as we have in the past, we cannot accept any requests for space in the bunkhouse or ride shares after the Sept 6th, 2024 deadline.

Location: We hold the camp outs at the Texas Conference of Clubs land site, Buzzards' Peak. Centrally located, Buzzards' Peak is roughly 150 miles from the metropolitan areas of Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. It is about 7 miles outside the City of Cameron which is about 33 miles east and south of Temple.

Transportation: We try to match up individuals without transportation with other campers or volunteers who can provide them with a ride to and from the campsite. Please be sure to fill out the transportation section on the application. We need a valid working phone number or e-mail address to be able to put campers in touch.

Camping Equipment: We have a limited amount of camping equipment to loan. Each camper needs to bring their own bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets) and an air mattress if they have one or can borrow one. If you do not have or cannot borrow any camping equipment be sure to mark this on the application so we can arrange for equipment.

Sleeping Accommodations: The Bunkhouse has a limited number of sleeping spaces. There are bunk beds and a few single and double beds. This works on first come, first served basis, with health concerns taking priority. Requesting space in the bunkhouse on your application does not guarantee you space. It only puts you on a waiting list. Bunkhouse assignments cannot be made until just prior to the camp out.

Medical: There are nurses who volunteer and are not paid for their services for the entire weekend. They are there to help in the event of an injury or assist with any medical situation that may arise.

Food and Beverages: We provide all meals. Snacks and other foods are available all weekend for those who may want them, or may need to have them when they take medications. We provide nonalcoholic beverages. We allow BYOB, and campers must drink responsibly.

On acceptance of your application you will receive a confirmation. We ask for a valid email address for your confirmation. Confirmation of applications with no email address may take up to two weeks.

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