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                                                  WHAT HAPPENS AT CAMP

One thing that was never planned, but does occur at every camp out, are the friendships that are built. Every one, no matter what part of Texas they are from, or what state they are from, all share the common bonds of being gay, and are directly affected by HIV/AIDS, such as a partner. Being out in the country is very relaxing and sets people at ease.


Many people are strangers at the start of the camp out but that quickly changes on its own. You can walk up to a couple of campers sitting at a picnic table and they are talking about what they felt like when they were diagnosed. Some may be sitting in front of a tent and comparing medications that they have been on over the years.


Life-long friendships are built at camp and going to camp and seeing your friends that you haven't seen since the last one is always like a big family reunion! Big hugs and tears are common sights on the first night. 


Some campers enjoy "hosting" a cocktail party during the week-end. If you are interested in hosting a cocktail party during the LVLPWA Campout, you can find a list of proposed times on the Schedule Page. Any slot that says "open" is available. Fill out your request on the application, and we will update the schedule.

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