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In October of 1993 Marvin Davis, (a.k.a., Lady Victoria Lust , had gone to a camping event called Rosebud at the TCC Land site. Marvin fell in love with the land site and started plans so that others who were less fortunate would be able to get out into the “wilderness” and have some peaceful time away from their daily lives.


Marvin approached several people with the idea, and the LVLPWA campouts were on their way to becoming a reality. TCC offered the land site, free of charge, for the weekends needed. Through his networking and help from many TCC Member Clubs, commercial businesses such as bars, and many, many individuals throughout Texas, the camp outs were fast became a reality.


The first LVLPWA camp out was held in September 1995. Two more followed, one in May and another in September of 1996. Marvin passed away suddenly several weeks after the last camp out.


Marvin had been very active in the Houston Gay HIV/AIDS Community and was in the process of creating a charity organization of his own that was to be run by a hand-full of volunteers from the community. The Lady Victoria Lust Holiday Fund, sheltered by the Colt 45’s, became PWA Holiday Charities. Marvin lived long enough to see this organization receive its charter.


After Marvin's death in late 1996, John Szewczyk spearheaded the LVLPWA camp outs for the next 15 years. Initially John did just about all coordinating of the camp outs by himself. He eventually began finding a group of volunteers to help with things such as camp out registration, coordinating the volunteer activities, and the dozens of other things required to put on a camp out.


John passed away in 2011, and our coordinators for the camp outs now are Rick Magee from Dallas with a dedicated group of hard working volunteers. 

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